Dataristix® New Features

New features in Dataristix 1.1 are now available in the beta channel with release scheduled for the 12th of February. These features mainly aim at improving the REST Connector to be compatible with a wider range of services.

REST Connector "Process" support

The REST connector now supports topics that can be configured to receive inputs as parameters and return the response as output tags. With "Process" access selected for the topic, query methods may be configured as GET, PATCH, POST, or PUT. Input parameters are sent URL-encoded as parameters (for GET) or placed in the request body either URL-encoded as key-value pairs or as JSON objects.

REST Connector token authentication

In addition to basic username and password authentication, API-key authentication, client certificates, and OAuth 2.0 (client credentials flow), the REST Connector now supports Basic Token Exchange authentication. In this authentication mode, username and password are posted to the service's token URL, url-encoded in the body, and the expected response is a token that is sent in the authorization header for subsequent requests. The token is automatically renewed should an "Unauthorized" response be received.

New trigger processor mode 

Using the new tigger processor mode "Process when any trigger value is received", the trigger processor will pass through data whenever the trigger item receives a value, irrespective of any change of value. Use this mode to, for example, process some data triggered by the response of an external processor module (for example, the REST Connector) irrespective of the value of the response.