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Connecting Data

Dataristix is a suite of software modules running on-premises to connect disparate data sources and data sinks in real-time, with optional Cloud connectivity to third-party services such as Cloud-based databases or Microsoft Power BI.

It’s easy to get started with Dataristix. Simply download a 30-day trial and try out all available software modules for a month. Mix and match software modules that you need for the most cost-effective solution. If you have any questions on the way, then please contact us. We can take you through the first steps, advise on how to best approach your envisioned solution or discuss what you need to make it work. 

Where does Dataristix fit?

Dataristix primarily targets on-premises deployment, close to the sources of data, that is, close to the devices that generate the data. No Internet connection is required unless you want to send data to databases or other services hosted in the Cloud. A single Dataristix instance will happily accumulate, aggregate and transform thousands or even tens of thousands of data points, transfer data into your database of choice or hook your spreadsheets up to real-time production data. Add more instances to scale to your needs.


Inform, Automate, Control

With Dataristix, you can finely control how data flows, from device to device or device to storage (or vice versa), using the graphical Task Builder.  You will be able to read from or write to devices using the OPC UA and MQTT connectors and create no-code or low-code tasks that, for example, retrieve recipes stored in a database for batch processing, automate report generation or drive processes. Transfer latest data directly from your production machinery to the business level for up-to-date decision making or feed factory floor data into business systems for further processing or visualisation, including Microsoft Excel, Power BI or your preferred Operational Excellence Solution.

Sending data from an OPC UA Server to a database


Modules that communicate with data sources or data sinks are called “Connectors”. Available Connectors include OPC UA, MQTT, ODBC (with optimizations for SQL server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SAP HANA, IBM DB2 and Microsoft Access), Excel, CSV, E-Mail, SOAP/SAP, Power BI, Stream/JSON and InfluxDB. Design data flows from and to connectors using the graphical Task builder. Once a task is started, data flows from input connectors, through optional processors, to output connectors. 

You need at least one connector to transfer data within the same type of data source/data sink (for example, “OPC UA Server” to “OPC UA Server” as an OPC UA data bridge), or at least two connectors to transfer data between different types of data sources/data sinks (for example, “OPC UA Server” to “ODBC database”).


Connect to OPC UA Servers to exchange data with other connectors. Control processes, log data, use as OPC UA data bridge, and more. Features...



Log data to databases or read data from databases and exchange data with other connectors. Use with any ODBC database. Optimized for SQL server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SAP HANA, IBM DB2 and Microsoft Access. Features...



Log data to text files. Send data from other connectors for storage into delimiter-separated-value files. Supports various delimiters, text encodings and file rotation. Features...


A fully featured MQTT broker and client to exchange data with other MQTT brokers and clients and with other connectors. Features...



Communicate with REST API services to receive or send data in JSON format. Features...



Connect to SOAP Web Services, including SAP Web Services, to receive or send data from other connectors or execute Web Service methods when triggered. Features...


Automatically generate reports or copy and paste real-time data links into Excel Desktop and receive data from other connectors in real-time. Learn more or see Features...


Power BI

Visualize data with Power BI. Send data from other connectors to streaming data sets in Microsoft Power BI. Features...



Send data received from other connectors via E-Mail. Compose e-mail templates to send values as periodic reports or when triggered. Features...


Free! Integrate JavaScript into your data flow to customize data processing. Licenses are issued at no cost with every purchase. Current customers: Please contact us to claim your free license. Features...


Stream / JSON

Pre-release. Serve real-time data received from other connectors as JSON data or interconnect instances of Dataristix across the network. Features...



Pre-release. Store data received from other connectors into time-series databases. Features...

Please also see the Dataristix features or visit the Dataristix documentation for additional information.


Check out our competitive Dataristix pricing. Buy pre-selected module bundles or buy only the Connectors you need. The Dataristix core application is free, you only pay for Connector modules. Remember, you can trial all connector modules free for 30 days without obligations.