Download OPC Office Link Classic

Installer for all Microsoft Windows operating systems:

The OPC Office Link trial version runs for a limited time. Please e-mail to request an obligation-free, extended 30-day trial or purchase a license key to remove the time limit.

Recent changes:

Version 4.5.202: Fix issue that could render the OPC Office Link Service inaccessible when configured to run as a user with restricted rights. Fix custom query text truncation after Tab characters when the custom query is viewed via OPC Office Link Server.

Version 4.5.201 fixes some minor user interface issues. This version no longer supports connectivity to the UA Office Link Cloud service; this feature will be moved to the UA Office Link suite of products. Please contact us if you require assistance for the move to UA Office Link.

Version 4.5.189 fixes an issue around automatic handling of ODBC column names starting with digits; these column names are now automatically prefixed with underscore (use manual column name mappings in previous versions).

Version 4.5.188 improves OPC DA Server for UA Office Link Cloud by reducing achievable latency for infrequent changes and enforces cloud communications in asynchronous mode to increase efficiency.

Version 4.5.187 contains an update for the OPC DA Server for UA Office Link Cloud to fix potential value and quality initialization issues.

Version 4.5.186 optionally bypasses type checks against databases when sampling starts to handle situations where the OPC Server does not yet have type information for sampled OPC items and fixes an issue with multi-select editing for the bypass feature in version 4.5.185.

Version 4.5.184 is a maintenance release that corrects a small memory leak for asynchronously sampled data groups with ODBC target and fixes some minor bugs . We recommend updating to this version if you are running an earlier 4.5.x version.