Dataristix™ SBOMs, Browser Client, Roadmap

Some changes are ahead for Dataristix in 2024.

SBOMs available now

Software Bills of Materials are now deployed with each service module (Core and Connector services) in CycloneDX format. The new browser client (see below) conveniently lists local SBOM links against each module. Alternatively, browse to the Dataristix installation folder and search for "bom.json" files. SBOMs are available in the latest version of Dataristix.

Browser client with SBOM links
Browser client with SBOM links

Windows Desktop Client deprecation

A browser based client application will replace the Windows Desktop client in 2024. A browser client preview, integrated with a reverse proxy for Windows platforms, is now available for download. We welcome any feedback you may have.

Download browser client with reverse proxy for Windows

The browser client is also available on Linux as a Docker container.

After installing the browser client for Windows, browse to http://localhost:8282 to launch the client. By default, the browser client is accessible on the local machine only.

NOTES: This is a preview version only; do not use for production. You'll need to run the lastest Dataristix version on the same computer. Connector modules are not yet supported in the browser client, so currently you will still need the Windows desktop client to configure connectors.

Stream Connector deprecation

With the availability of the MQTT connector, the Stream Connector, as a means of communicating between different Dataristix tasks and instances, has become redundant. We therefore deprecate the Stream Connector and recommend the use of the MQTT connector for inter-task and inter-instance communications. We'll contact licensed users to exchange the Stream Connector license with an MQTT (or other) connector license at no cost.

OPC UA I/O Function Library deprecation

In 2024, the OPU UA I/O Function Library (mainly used for interfacing with Excel VBA) will no longer ship with the OPC UA Connector. The library served as a drop-in replacement for the older OPC Office Link I/O library for OPC DA. If you are using the OPC UA I/O Function Library, then please contact us for continued support (you would have received an e-mail in this regard).