ODBC Connector - Easy database recipe transfer

UA Office Link's ODBC connector can now be used as a task "Processor", simplifying recipe transfers or calls to stored procedures that expect input arguments and return result values.

Besides "Read" and "Write" access, the ODBC Connector topics feature a new "Process" access mode. In this mode, a custom query may be defined including placeholders that become available as input tags in tasks.

In the example below, an ODBC connector topic is configured with recipe data tags corresponding to table fields in the RecipeTable database table:

ODBC Connector topic with recipe tags

The process query selects the recipe data and contains a placeholder @RequestedRecipeKey.

select RecipeKey as SelectedRecipeKey, Data1, Data2, Data3
from RecipeTable
where RecipeKey=@RequestedRecipeKey

The placeholder is presented as an input tag in tasks. In the task below, the OPC UA device will ask for recipe data identified by the RecipeQueried tag and the ODBC Connector topic RecipeLookup will write the requested recipe data back to the device.

Transfer of recipe data

Visit the user documentation to find out more.