ODBC Connector - Extended database identifier support

The ODBC Connector, already optimized for a range of individual database engines, extends support for identifiers used in database queries. While the automatically generated identifiers for "generic" topics in "Insert" or "Update" queries usually do not require any special consideration, "Select" or custom read queries may need to access pre-existing columns that contain spaces or special characters within the column name. Direct access to such columns is now possible by enabling a different identifier mode in the database settings.

Database identifier settings

Options include:

  • Substitute invalid characters with underscore (the default mode for identifier generation)
  • Quoted identifiers (generally supported in databases but may need to be enabled)
  • Identifiers enclosed in square brackets (MS SQL Server, MS Access)
  • Identifiers enclosed in backtick characters (MySQL)

"Insert" or "Update" queries are able to retain the original tag name when quoted or enclosed identifiers are used.

Please see the user documentation for further information.