Factory floor data wherever you need it

Real-time data processing, on-premises and on the edge, for all industries

Today, technology enables us to extract and disseminate latest information from the factory floor in real-time. Whether this drives business decisions or controls factory processes, here you'll find the right software tools to do both.

At its core these tools are based on OPC UA, the industry standard for industrial information exchange, and MQTT, the protocol that drives the Internet of Things. Manufacturers that do not provide an OPC UA or MQTT interface with their PLCs or devices are hard to find these days, so chances are, if you running a plant or factory, then you are already setup to take advantage of information at your fingertips.

Exchange data using OPC UA, MQTT, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SAP HANA, IBM DB2, InfluxDB, Access, SOAP/SAP or log data into Microsoft Excel workbooks, text files, and more.

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Factory data router and processor

As a successor of OPC Office Link, orignally designed to mainly interface with Microsoft Office applications, Dataristix (formerly UA Office Link) goes far beyond this original scope.

Today it is a comprehensive, modular and extensible data processing solution for OPC UA to ODBC database transfers (OPC UA to SQL server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, …), ODBC to OPC UA transfers, MQTT data exchange, InfluxDB time series storage, Power BI, Microsoft Excel live data, CSV/text logging, e-mail alerts and more, complete with a graphical task builder to define required information flows.

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OPC Office Link Application

OPC Office Link Classic

Versatile OPC DA data processing

OPC Office Link Classic is based on the OPC DA Classic interface, the predecessor of OPC UA. The classic interface is still widely used today. Consider OPC Office Link Classic if a move to OPC UA is not yet possible or for hybrid environments that also require an OPC DA Classic client.

OPC Office Link is an all-in-one, on-premises, OPC DA Classic data processing solution for OPC to ODBC database transfers (Microsoft SQL server, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft Access, …), ODBC to OPC , OPC to Microsoft Excel, OPC to text log files, recipe and batch processing and more; used in installations across all industries world-wide.

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Profile Historian

Quality control for film thickness gauging

Profile Historian displays heatmaps of profiles (numeric array values) as sampled by Dataristix or OPC Office Link for inspection, record keeping and quality control.

Profile Historian is optimized to handle large amounts of profile data and displays profiles in heatmap charts interactively, that means, you can scroll through data and inspect profiles over the storage period, be it weeks, months or years.

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Profile Historian Application
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