MQTT Connector Preview

A fully featured MQTT connector is now available in preview.

The MQTT connector module functions as an MQTT broker and as one or more MQTT client(s), capable of exchanging data with other MQTT brokers and MQTT clients. Because the MQTT connector integrates into the UA Office Link connector system, it can also exchange data with other connectors.

The MQTT broker accepts client connections using the MQTT 3.1.1 or MQTT 5.0 protocol over the configured TCP/IP port. It supports messaging at all quality-of-service levels, retained messages, persistent sessions and authentication via username / password and via client certificates.

On-premise devices may send data to the MQTT connector’s broker. Using an MQTT client connected to the broker, this data then becomes available for further processing in Tasks defining a data flow to other connectors, including the MQTT connector itself.

To forward the data to another broker (for example, an IoT hub), configure a task that bridges data between the MQTT connector’s broker holding on-premise device data and a broker in the Cloud. Assisting functionality simplifies client configuration for connections to AWS IoT Core or Azure IoT Hub.

Find out more by visiting the MQTT Connector documentation.

MQTT Connector - Broker Configuration
MQTT Connector - Broker Configuration