UA Office Link - New JSON and Binary Encode/Decode processors

With the upcoming MQTT Connector in mind, UA Office Link introduces two new Task Processors to encode and decode JSON or binary data.

The JSON Encoder accepts other tags and builds a JSON object string from a template, filling in live values where required before passing it on to the next stage in the task pipeline. Similarly, the JSON Decoder accepts a JSON string and extracts properties and property values from the object and makes data available for further processing. This enables functionality, for example, to receive an MQTT JSON payload and process it in the task pipeline or to encode tag values into a JSON object and forward it to an MQTT broker.

The Binary Encoder and Decoder processors provide the same functionaly for binary data. Tag values may be packaged into a defined binary package, or a binary package may be decoded into individual values for further processing. For example, an MQTT binary payload may be decoded into tag values for further processed in the task pipline or a binary payload may be prepared and fowarded to an MQTT broker.

Please see the user documentation for further details.