"UA Office Link" will become "Dataristix"

After offering "OPC Office Link" for many years it seemed to be a natural choice to call an improved product that adopts "OPC UA" instead of the classic "OPC DA" interface "UA Office Link".

However, today "UA Office Link" is no longer focused on OPC UA only, neither does it mainly aim at Microsoft Office products as the target for data storage (although this remains an option). Based on modern frameworks, data routing and processing capabilities have improved greatly, to the point where a direct comparison to "OPC Office Link" no longer makes sense.

For this reason, we believe it is time that UA Office Link deserves a new name: "Dataristix".

Dataristix will be compatible with UA Office Link. Projects will be interchangable, licenses purchased for UA Office Link will also be valid for Dataristix, and update channels for UA Office Link will continue to function while we transition to Dataristix.

Over the coming weeks and months we'll be updating our Web Site, online store, download links, and other references to use the new name. We'll have more news on this soon, watch this space!


This article was corrected since it was originally published.