UA Office Link is now Dataristix™

As previously announced, and with the release of the .NET 6 based version of UA Office Link, we are  taking the step to rebrand “UA Office Link” to “Dataristix”, a unique and more ambiguous name.

We have approached this rebranding in a way that does not disrupt current operations. While we will officially refer to and advertise “UA Office Link” as “Dataristix” going forward, “UA Office Link” and the “UA Office Link” update channels remain available. We suggest to use “Dataristix” for new projects and keep “UA Office Link” for existing projects or to change over to “Dataristix” at a convenient time. Dataristix can be installed side-by-side with UA Office Link.

Key points for the change to “Dataristix” are:

  1. License Keys for UA Office Link are also valid for Dataristix.
  2. Projects are compatible. You can load UA Office Link projects into Dataristix and vice versa (you’ll need to browse for “All files” because the project file extension has changed).
  3. Note that the Dataristix application assumes a different identity, and, for example, OPC UA servers need to trust the “Dataristix” OPC UA client application instead of the previously trusted “UA Office Link” OPC UA client application.
  4. Features and software updates are released at the same time for both, UA Office Link and Dataristix.

If you have any questions or concerns about this change then please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help.